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What is a Text?

Defining the Text in Literary Theory

In literary theory, "text" refers to any readable object that conveys an informative message, including works of literature, street signs, building layouts, clothing styles and more. A text consists of a coherent set of signs whose meaning is derived from its content, not its physical form. Click to Convert Text to Lowercase.

Distinguishing the Original Content of a Text

In literary criticism, "text" also refers to the original symbolic letter arrangement of a writing, as distinct from subsequent modifications such as translations or commentaries. Identifying a "text" therefore means distinguishing its initial information content.

Text Precedes Writing 

Most written works fall within the types of objects that are considered texts. However, the concept of text becomes truly meaningful when a coherent written message can stand independently of the context in which it was created. Click to Convert Text to URL.

Thus, in literary theory, a text goes beyond physical documents and becomes a transmission of symbolic content. Isolating texts as readable arrangements of information allows for an analysis separate from the conditions of creation or pressures in the real world. This liberates the interpretation of the influential cultural messages embedded in literature.



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